Saturday, September 14, 2013

baby hunger is real

Hello blogging world!!!

I just wanted to let you know that I now know what I want to do with my life.

I knew that I wanted to be a nurse and work with babies and so I was thinking nurse midwifery.

But then I found out that if I did that I would have to do a few more years of schooling....which I don't know if I am up for.

I mean...I'm already a super senior...and by the time I graduate I will be a super-super senior. Which is pretty embarrassing.

And if I go to get my master's in nursing to be a practitioner/ midwife I wouldn't be done with school until I was 26 or 27.

And you see I want to be a mama. And prime baby making age is early to middle twenties. And I want to have 3-5 little ones...and at least two years apart. And apparently after 35 you are much more likely to have difficulties trying to conceive and/or more likely to have baby problems.

So I should probably have babies when I finish my 23.

But I also want to work before I have maybe 24.

So I figure if I'm not going to graduate school then I'll be a labor and delivery nurse.

And this week I had a clinical @ the LD floor. And it was honestly the most amazing day ever.

I loved everything about it. The intensity, the tears, the love, the mothers, the fathers, the babies...

I admit I was worried that I wouldn't want to be a LD nurse because you think the doctors do everything. But my experience was that the only thing the doctor did was pull the baby out.

I wouldn't mind working in a place where I got to be reminded of  the MIRACLE OF LIFE of life every day.

My whole life is revolved around babies right now. And I don't even have one yet.

Baby hunger is real.

And it doesn't help that most of my friends either have babies or they are preggers.

I try to avoid the hunger by reminding myself all of the things I get to enjoy until the time comes to have lil' toe-headed children.
- Hubby + me time
- Sleep
- Being lazy
- My body without stretch marks
- Sushi
- My sanity
- Extra "me" time
- Being emotionally stable

And to finish here is a collage of adorable babies.

p.s. So after a year of trying to get me to go to the gym more than twice a week my husband finally won and I am kind of addicted to working out. I'm really starting to get into fitness and healthy eating and so maybe I'll revamp my blog and have that focus since I don't travel, I can't afford cute clothes, and my life isn't super interesting.

I'll start posting more when I feel comfortable enough to post pictures of my bod ;) And I have interesting things to post.

Friday, May 10, 2013

A successful DIY moment

Have you ever been on pinterest before and saw a picture of a craft or a food item that you just had to make!

And then when you go to clicckk the picture the link sends you to tumblr or to some other site that doesn't have the instructions on how to make that thing you reallllyyyy want to make.

This happened to me a few days ago when I saw this beautiful piece of decor.

All of my buried feelings of wanting to be a crafty wife came rushing in and I knew I had to make it.

It had me written all over it.

But not a single link I found had a tutorial. So my wonderful friend Stephanie and I decided we would figure it out.


Step 1: You can either use some leftover wood or head over to Lowes or another hardware store to get some cheap wood. We chose some pinewood that wasn't too nice but was also nice enough that we wouldn't get a splinter every time we touched it. Lowe's is also great because they will also cut the wood for free. We bought a 6 foot piece of wood so that we would both have 3 feet to work with.

Step 2. While at your local hardware store make sure to get a stain color that you like. We decided on the "Early American" because it had more of a rustic look to it.

Step 3: Head over to the plumbing isle at said hardware store and buy a stainless steel clamp. I wish there was a better specific name for this little guy. It took us a long time to figure out what it was in the picture that held the mason jars to the board. Just remember they are in the plumbing isle and look like this.

Step 4: Now if you don't own mason jars, Hobby Lobby is a great place to get them. If you go during there 50% off glass sale you can get mason jars for one bone each. Heck yes. Also you can always get 40% off of one item if you look it up online or bring it in the store. Hobby Lobby loves us.

Step 5: After your wood is stained and dried you will need to get your clamps and nail them onto the board. Since neither Steph or I had a drill we found that on the back of the clamps there are these awesome slits that a nail can slip through-- so we just got a hammer and nailed that sucker into the wood!

Step 6: Attach the mason jars by screwing the clamps around so...
             (By the way, if you want everything to match up perfectly I strongly suggest
              using a tape-measure throughout this entire process)

Step 7: While at your local hardware store find something that can connect your wood to the wall. I got these at Lowes and they worked out great!

 (Please don't judge my ugly hands and chipped nail was craft day...not beauty day.)

Step 8: Attach your beautiful decor to the wall and then add whatever you want! I ended up adding to the rustic look again with some dead baby's breath I found at Hobby Lobby.

And then voila!!!! You have a beautiful piece of decor to add to your home!

Here are some more finished pictures.


3' Wood: $2.82

Stain: $2.39

3 Clamps: $3.06

Baby's Breath: $6.99

3 Mason Jars: $2.97

Total: $18.23

This price really isn't too shabby. You could also cut back a lot depending on if you have Mason Jar's, if you complete the project with a friend which cuts spending in half, and what you put into the jars. 

Well there you have it! I hope you enjoy making this as much as I did :)

Love, Lauren Lindsey

Saturday, April 20, 2013

DIY Madness...

If any of you know me well you will know that I am not a crafty person.

Which is interesting since I am left handed...therefore, right-brained. Which should make me a crafty person. But for some unfortunate reason the universe decided it was not meant to be.

So this is why I became focused on school and nursing and work. Because I am afraid I will utterly fail at being a cute wifey/ momma someday.

Quick detour from my thoughts. Speaking of school...nursing is ridiculous.

There is something extremely messed up when I am taking a final and I'm hoping to get at least a 50%.
What the heck is up with that? Well there are these weird nursing tests called ATI tests that if you get a 80% or higher you really get a 100%. Anywhere between 60-80% you actually get a 90%. And so on...

It's pretty messed up. But it just makes me mad that they make these tests so hard that they really don't expect anyone to do well.

Whatever..... it's done. I said my peace. Over it.

One more it just me or do you guys sometimes listen to your i-tunes on shuffle and then all of a sudden an absolutely horrible song comes on. And your just like....

when did this get on here?
There is no way I added that?
I have better taste then that!
I have never even heard of this...
How did this happen??

Story of my life today. As I was studying for hours upon hours, I had at least 15 songs come on that I had never heard of before. Someone is ninja-ing my computer.

So back to craftiness and what not!
This is going to be the first summer where I do not have school!!!!
So I will be working as a student manager at the BYU telefund. And I will be the check-in girl for MTC dry cleaning!
Oh and I also volunteer at Mother/Baby at UVRMC.
                ( It helps me with my baby hungriness)
But other than that I have a bunch of time on my hands and decided that my hubster deserves a cute wife who is well-rounded.

So this was my attempt today:
I bought really cute duck tape for $2 at Target. And I was going to use it to decorate my lamp...but it pretty much looked horrible. And I am too ashamed to put a picture up. 

So does anyone have an idea of what I should do with this adorable tape? 

Other cute pinterst DIY ideas I will do (attempt) this summer:

I have TONS of DIY/ crafty ideas on my pinterest....follow me here.

Here is my funny for the day. 

Have a fabulous day! And as my husband says...LOVES.