Saturday, September 14, 2013

baby hunger is real

Hello blogging world!!!

I just wanted to let you know that I now know what I want to do with my life.

I knew that I wanted to be a nurse and work with babies and so I was thinking nurse midwifery.

But then I found out that if I did that I would have to do a few more years of schooling....which I don't know if I am up for.

I mean...I'm already a super senior...and by the time I graduate I will be a super-super senior. Which is pretty embarrassing.

And if I go to get my master's in nursing to be a practitioner/ midwife I wouldn't be done with school until I was 26 or 27.

And you see I want to be a mama. And prime baby making age is early to middle twenties. And I want to have 3-5 little ones...and at least two years apart. And apparently after 35 you are much more likely to have difficulties trying to conceive and/or more likely to have baby problems.

So I should probably have babies when I finish my 23.

But I also want to work before I have maybe 24.

So I figure if I'm not going to graduate school then I'll be a labor and delivery nurse.

And this week I had a clinical @ the LD floor. And it was honestly the most amazing day ever.

I loved everything about it. The intensity, the tears, the love, the mothers, the fathers, the babies...

I admit I was worried that I wouldn't want to be a LD nurse because you think the doctors do everything. But my experience was that the only thing the doctor did was pull the baby out.

I wouldn't mind working in a place where I got to be reminded of  the MIRACLE OF LIFE of life every day.

My whole life is revolved around babies right now. And I don't even have one yet.

Baby hunger is real.

And it doesn't help that most of my friends either have babies or they are preggers.

I try to avoid the hunger by reminding myself all of the things I get to enjoy until the time comes to have lil' toe-headed children.
- Hubby + me time
- Sleep
- Being lazy
- My body without stretch marks
- Sushi
- My sanity
- Extra "me" time
- Being emotionally stable

And to finish here is a collage of adorable babies.

p.s. So after a year of trying to get me to go to the gym more than twice a week my husband finally won and I am kind of addicted to working out. I'm really starting to get into fitness and healthy eating and so maybe I'll revamp my blog and have that focus since I don't travel, I can't afford cute clothes, and my life isn't super interesting.

I'll start posting more when I feel comfortable enough to post pictures of my bod ;) And I have interesting things to post.

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